Soul Cleansing: Contemplation, Realization, and Transformation

In this article we cover:

  • Tuning Into Your Own Frequency
  • Soul Cleansing Rituals
  • Returning To A Higher Frequency

Published February 27, 2022


Soul cleansing is a sacred self care ritual akin to taking a shower. But instead of cleaning the physical surface of your body with yummy smelling soaps and a washcloth, you clean your spiritual field and psyche. Soul cleansing is performed via observation, contemplation, and transformation. A “spirit scrubbing” ritual will then be performed, discharging the blockages of your mental patterns and beliefs.

Anything left unattended will eventually build up “gunk” or impurities and create blockages. This includes our souls and energetic fields. Soul cleansing is an act of divine spiritual awareness and devotional self love. You are both the sender and the recipient of a soul cleansing invitation. And only you can choose to ignore a soul cleansing ritual or to answer the call.

The soul cleansing process comes in three stages. Contemplation, where you take inventory of your life and how many negative vs. positive energies are present. Realization, where you discover what frequency you’re operating at and determine the importance and necessity of a soul cleanse. Transformation, where you make up the time and space to initiate a soul cleansing ritual. We’ll break down each stage so you can get a good grasp on their purposes and processes. But first, a crash course on energetics!


Everything Has An Energetic Frequency, Including You

Known as Resonance Theory of Consciousness and proven by quantum physics, everything has an energetic vibration or frequency. This includes musical instruments, electrical circuits, and beams of sunlight. This includes the moon’s rotation around the planet, the bioluminescent flashing of fireflies, and you.

Think of energetic frequencies working on a high-to-low scale oscillating at various motions and speeds. There is also a phenomenon that occurs when vibrating things or entities come into proximity to one another. After some time, they vibrate on the same frequency, known as “syncing.”

When your Being is operating at a “lower” frequency, you are attracting lower frequency energies, situations, and emotions. Like an energetic dryer sheet, lower frequency energetics cling to you and affect your Being. Additionally, when surrounded by lower frequencies, after a while, your energy field syncs up to that lower frequency. A couple of concrete examples will paint the picture a little more clearly.

Any time you are disturbed, weighed down, or feel drained, you are interfacing with a denser, lower vibrational frequency. This disturbance can be an intense conflict, a tough decision, a mentally or emotionally numb feeling, etc. Or, when you engage in a negative situation or interact with and indulge negative individuals. Based on your response in these moments, you adjust your own frequency’s location on that high-to-low energetics scale.

This works in the opposite direction, too. When you are operating at a higher frequency, you attract the same high frequency energetics. These higher frequencies are often accompanied by “good vibes.” They feel effortless, abundant, and have roots deeply entwined in love. You breathe easier and feel lighter at higher frequencies. They are definitely favorable, enrich life, and can feel powerfully divine. Especially when they are purposefully cultivated with applied intention.


Before Tuning Into Your Own Frequency

Some people just know when they need a soul cleansing. Others can detect their frequency by their physical expression, or through the senses. It is detectable in body language, posture, or feeling drained. Our bodies are incredible energetic conduits and messengers. We’re going to provide an exercise to individuals who could use a little guidance. This guidance will help you pick up on your own frequency and determine if you need a spiritual cleanse.

How you think, communicate, and act in the world can also say a lot about your energetic frequency. Notice what words you choose to articulate your thoughts. Notice how you speak regarding your inflection or mood. If there is doubt, anxiety, insecurity, a need for control, or anger, take notice.

But hold up, real quick. Because of the nature of self-talk and self-examination, we can turn on ourselves and be quick to self-diagnose. We can over identify with “having a problem” and needing to make a change post-haste. You may take one piece of negative proof in your life and tell yourself, “Ah! I am beyond overdue for a spiritual cleanse!” What was perhaps a mild error or slip in your behavior can quickly turn into “I need an aggressive overhaul.”

Be careful not to psych yourself out and allow your inner critic to jump to conclusions so rapidly. To determine if a soul cleansing is in order, look at your Soul and Being with childlike wonder. You can geek out on this curious process. So long as you are unattached, receptive, and doing it from a place of self-love and self-respect.


Contemplation: Higher or Lower on the Frequency Spectrum

When you are as emotionally neutral as is within reach, begin to turn inward. This is the first stage; contemplation. As if literally turning your spiritual self inside out for a thorough analysis, take inventory of what you find. Do your best not to judge, shame, or critique what your investigative mind discovers.

Imagine a garden that’s overgrown with weeds or has become barren in some spots. A gardener wouldn’t scoff at, belittle, or inflict pain on that garden. The garden simply needs tending to; nothing more, nothing less. Be like the gardener of your own spiritual environment. Remember, anything that’s been left unattended collects “gunk” and needs maintenance or a sprucing up.

Look at what comes forward in your research. Pinpoint in what ways you’ve allowed negative self-talk, perhaps avoidance, or even emotional impurities to fester. Take stock of your harmful behaviors and recently unfavorable interactions. Maybe you can recall a time in the recent past where you acted out a deep wound in public. Or maybe it was an unconscious moment where you weren’t operating from the goodness of your heart.

Write down these lower frequencies playing out in your interactions and your self experience as you recount them. Write them down like the gardener with a dirt speckled notepad; curious, observant, and pragmatic. Conversely, in what ways have you operated from a place of love and intuition? Give examples from your study of the self where you felt like you operated in alignment with the Soul. Where you felt like you had rationale, good intention, and purpose intact.


Intentionally Vs. Unintentionally, Consciously Vs. Unconsciously

One quick caveat. There may be lower frequencies you allowed into your field unintentionally and unconsciously, or intentionally and consciously. For example, you were with some friends and the chief topic of discussion was talking ill about another person.

Your intuition tried sending a signal that you should refrain from engaging. But you didn’t break off or put an end to it. By doing this, you intentionally ignored the invite to step into a higher frequency.

It’s also your interpretation of reality that can serve up lower frequency energetics. For example, someone says something to you that is offensive. You determine it as wildly inaccurate or just simply not true. In this scenario, the insult didn’t have the power to alter your frequency. But let’s say they said something that struck a childhood wound or shook you to your core. You felt a sense of validity in what they had said. Your interpretation of that insult would then affect the frequency level that you’re operating from.

Not everything is an intentional or conscious allowance of lower frequencies. But not everything is unintentional or unconscious, either. We interact with lower energetics unconsciously and unintentionally, all the time. That’s just the nature of reality and of the world. These still have their effects on our frequency, but are much more subtle. As you make your observations, remain honest with yourself so you can work towards your solution with better data.


Realization: So You Think You Need A Soul Cleansing?

With a compiled list of unearthed negative and positive energetics, analyze the data. See how many negative energetics there are compared to positives. Does the balance, or the imbalance, make you feel uneasy? Ask yourself how far you feel like your Soul leans towards a lighter, higher frequency. How much do you feel a pull from a darker, lower frequency? If you sense your Soul is camping out on a darker frequency, a soul cleansing may be in order. This is the second stage; realization.

You are a human being who is constantly being bombarded with a planet full of energetics. Coffee pours through a filter, but the coffee grounds do not. Energies work the same way. Energies can pass right through you while others will linger or latch on.

To know if you need a soul cleanse, cultivate a practice around connecting the mind and the body. It may take practice, but eventually, you will become attuned and incredibly sensitive to your intuition. You will pick up on the message your body is sending to you the moment it starts sending one. This attention and skill will strengthen overtime. One day, you’ll know instantly that your Soul needs a cleanse.

So say you got the message, loud and clear; here’s what you can do!


Transformation: Effective Soul Cleansing Rituals

There is not a singular, diagnosable way to embark on a soul cleansing experience. For over 3,000 years, yoga practitioners partook in soul cleansing rituals via kundalini yoga and meditation. For decades, Japanese practitioners used reiki to promote energy healing and rejuvenate life force. Some people tap into Walaa color therapy or holographic sound healing. Others venture out into the wild.

No matter what strategy or practice you choose to implement, intention is at the very core of soul cleansing. Instead of narrowing in on specifics, try to step back and see your Soul from a bird’s-eye view. Like the German musician and comedian, Reggie Watts, says, “when in doubt, zoom out.” There are so many ways to perform soul cleansing that it’s really all about finding what works best for you. We believe that anything that really shakes you up energetically and makes you feel alive will work. But we’ll provide our absolute favorite spirit scrubbing rituals to give you some ideas to work off of. This is the third stage; transformation!


Spirit Scrubbing, Soul Cleansing Rituals

  • Book a solo retreat. This one is probably the most impactful. You can dedicate the space and time to focus solely on your soul cleansing experience. You can also plan the retreat around the rituals you desire. This could be a yoga or meditation retreat, a temazcal ceremony, a fasting retreat, an Airbnb cabin in the woods, etc. Going solo also gives you plenty of time for contemplation, realization, and transformation!
  • Meditation and breathwork have always been used religiously for thousands of years to carve out the mind-body pathways. Take a breathwork class in person or online and start seeing the mind and breath as your greatest allies.
  • Take cold plunges. These plunges can be in the ocean, your bathtub/shower, or in the nearest river. The moving and living energy of water is a master at cleansing our soul.
  • Take off into Nature. Connection to our primal senses has such a profound impact on our inner landscape. There is plenty of evidence to support the positive effects Nature and sunlight has on the human vessel.
  • Indulge in abundant self-care. Self-groom, eat nourishing food, stay hydrated, and break a sweat! These self-care regimens’ effectiveness compound when they overlap one another.

Soul Cleanse Yourself Back To Higher Frequency

Cue Kygo’s remix of Whitney Houston’s “Higher Love”!

Remember; contemplation, realization, and transformation. With proper intention set and unwavering commitment to transmute your energetic frequency, you already begin soul cleansing. There is so much goodness that comes from treating your Soul to a good ole scrubbing. When you notice energetic blockages or lower frequencies making themselves known, note exactly how they feel in the body.

The more you practice awareness around lower and higher frequencies, the more noticeable they are next time. With time, you’ll know right away when a soul cleanse is in order. And now, you’ll also know exactly what to do! Take a soul cleanse to bring yourself back to higher love and higher frequencies. The hippies were right, guys; it really is “all about the vibes, man!”